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Google Adwords is a critical part of your PPC(pay-per-click) strategy. While it is not the only PPC platform, it is often the most beneficial platform for businesses. These are the top 4 placements of Google. The advertisements were marked as “Ad” in yellow, but have recently changed to green. The psychology behind the color green versus yellow was the reason for the change in 2016. When applicable, they take up the first 4 “slots” of Google Search, unless that many advertisers just aren’t advertising for those specific words

Here’s a simplified description of how it works: You bid on the keywords related to your business. In turn, this places your ad in front of searchers and users looking for a product or service you offer. When the advertisement is clicked, it sends the searcher to your websites or landing page. You then pay the search engine(usually Google or Bing) a fee every time your ad gets clicked.

With a properly set up campaign, Adwords and Bing Ads can be a very beneficial and profitable way to get in front of customers who are looking for the product or service you provide.

Being that you will be paying per click, your campaign needs to be set up properly in order to turn those clicks into consultations and ultimately patients.

Properly running successful paid search campaigns requires a lot of time, research, testing, and attention. At Position Results we take the reigns to set up, monitor, and optimize your campaigns to ensure optimal results.


AdWords Is Great For Businesses with High Profit Acquisitions or Long Term Acquisitions that can result in high profits of $1,000 or more.



Adwords an be great for high ticket items and services. If a product service starts in the $1,000 range it can be easier to get an ROI with Adwords. Higher priced items make optimizing campaigns worth the work of optimizing. Optimizing your campaign by just 1% more can mean an $1,000 more in your bank account.



Industries with long retention rate customers can work out great with Adwords and PPC. IE: A dentist may make $300 for a cleaning, but if they make a great impression, they will have a new patient for a lifetime. The RIO can be very high in the long run especially if the customer needs a $3,000 root canal.




If you’re currently running an SEO organic traffic campaign, Adwords can be the perfect complement to it. SEO is a long term goal. When short-cuts are made, Google can hit your site and make your business “practically invisible”. Yes, we’ve seen it happen to other short-cut companies. However a good campaign can complement your SEO strategy by sending traffic to specific procedures which you are currently trying to rank. This can fast track to the top of the search engines without the risk of taking short-cuts that will eventually result in Google penalties.


If set up properly, paid search marketing is an great way to gain new, credit-card-in-hand customers. If it’s set up poorly, it’s an excellent way to lose money. We pride ourselves in setting up great converting campaigns to get customers in the door, then we optimize to make your Ad budget go way further.



Many times campaigns fail because of lack of research. There is a lot of research that must be made to build a campaign to get the most out of your budget. At Position Results, we research your competition, keyword variables, keyword pricing and more to ensure your Ad’s will be seen by the perfect audience and clicked. From there we work on converting them to a paying customer of yours.



The cost of paid search advertising can add up quickly before the data is there to make adjustments for optimizing. While paid search advertising is very effective for many, one must understand that they will be paying for every click. This is why the campaign must be set up and managed for optimal results.





When paying-per-click, the search engine provider gets paid whether you get paid or not. This is why Google and Bing make it fairly easy to set up campaigns.

On the other hand, actually making money with search ads is not. If people click your ad but no one ever calls or e-mails you wanting your service or product, you’re losing money. There is a lot of subtle tweaks and management techniques that need to be made to run profitable campaigns and make your budget go further.


Our speciality is Optimizing Campaigns to Maximize Your Return

When it comes to PPC/Adwords our specialty is OPTIMIZING the campaigns to get the maximum value for your Adspend, so you can make MORE money with LESS.

We don’t always get the option to divert our ad’s directly to a physician’s actual website because often times their website is not converting site visitors into patients, at least not at a very good rate. When you’re paying for clicks, those clicks need to be converting clicks into consultations and patients at higher rates, because after all, they did cost you.

If you have a $1,000 service, or lifetime client value and we can just optimize your campaign from a 1% conversion rate to a 3% conversion rate, we will have just profited you an extra $2,000 that month – just by hiring us.

This is where we differ from the competition. For every client, we personally analyze and implement Google Analytics on to their website to check conversion rates and traffic behavior (yes, we can actually see what visitors are doing on your website). The majority of websites don’t convert visitors into buyers at a very good rate. This is where our conversion specialists come in, analyze data, and sometimes build better versions of your website/landing pages to get you the best RIO out of your Adspend budget.

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Position Results was founded by Josiah Lipsmeyer with one thing in mind. Medical professionals need a reliable digital marketing team on their side. They need a team that has the capabilities to work on an industry scale, without sacrificing top notch service. We’ve noticed that too many medical professionals are settling for large medical digital marketing agencies who simple can’t allocate the right amount of time needed to grow their business. In turn, the practitioner is left in the dark and usually under an iron clad contract that is generally fluff. They need a team that is 100% dedicated to their practice growing and thriving at it’s full potential. This is us. We’re as dedicated as a full time employee with the abilities of massive agencies. Our #1 goal is your success.

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