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Patient Acquisition with Social Media

Social Media is not going away anytime soon. Most doctors and surgeons do not have time nor want to manage their social media accounts, which is why Position Results offers this service to keep your customers and potential customers engaged and informed about you, your practice, and your services. You no longer have to think of clever or relevant posts. We’ll do it for you. In turn, this will help you gain social proof and recognition, acquire more customers, and even get a nice SEO boost.

With social media, it’s never been easier to reach your ideal customers, promote your products or services, and build an online presence

Reach Ideal Customers

As the owner of your business, you know your ideal target’s demographic such as: Age, Gender, Insurance Provider, and Location. You can now target your ideal demographic with a message of your choice, whether it be to wish them a Happy New Year, to offer new patients a free consultation, or anything else. It’s never been easier to reach your ideal customers with Position Results managing your social media.

Promote Products or Services

Need to get more bodies in the door this month? We can create a compelling offer to get more patients in the door this month. Maybe you now offer a new product or service? Position Results can create a custom post for your targeted audience so you can get patients in who really need your new service or procedure.

Build an Online Presence

In order to build your brand awareness and online presence, there isn’t anyway around social media. Let us build your brand awareness by keeping your audience engaged and keeping your online presence cohesive amongst all your social platforms and websites.


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About Us

Position Results was founded by Josiah Lipsmeyer with one thing in mind. Medical professionals need a reliable digital marketing team on their side. They need a team that has the capabilities to work on an industry scale, without sacrificing top notch service. We’ve noticed that too many medical professionals are settling for large medical digital marketing agencies who simple can’t allocate the right amount of time needed to grow their business. In turn, the practitioner is left in the dark and usually under an iron clad contract that is generally fluff. They need a team that is 100% dedicated to their practice growing and thriving at it’s full potential. This is us. We’re as dedicated as a full time employee with the abilities of massive agencies. Our #1 goal is your success.

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