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Digital Marketing for Plastic Surgeons

Plastic Surgery Websites

• High Converting – Up to 3x the amount of conversion rates as some competitor’s websites

• SEO Optimized – Ready to rank in Google, Yahoo, and Bing

• We handle your updates, so you don’t have to

• Modern Design – Set your practice apart from the crowd with just the right amount of color, content, and pictures

• Responsive – Works flawless on all devices

New Optimized | High Ranking | High Patient Acquisition Rates (8.75%)
New High Converting | High Ranking Website
Old Non-Optimized | Few Rankings | Low Patient Acquisition Rates (2%)
Josiah, I love the new website! My practice has DRASTICALLY increased this year, even with all the new plastic surgeons showing up everyday. I know that in some way it’s the website, marketing, and SEO work you’ve done for me. Thanks a ton!  PS – I need to add another procedure to the site. I will text you this week about the details.
Taylor Theunissen, MD

Plastic Surgeon

Need more surgeries? We got you covered.
Digital Marketing: It all starts with your website, but depending on your area and competition, we may need some other digital marketing strategies to get more surgeries in the door. We will analyze your geographical area, top procedures, and competitor’s strategies to derive the best game plan in order to get your practice to the next level. Our SEO, Adwords, and Social Media Experts are ready to get you the results you need for the short term and long term.
SEO – Search Engine Optimization

On average, many plastic surgeons perform many different types of procedures. Unlike some other companies, we start our SEO process with your interests in mind. You likely want to build your practice around your favorite procedures. Let’s not start with the ones you don’t like doing, not at first anyway. Our SEO goal is to make you the go-to surgeon in your city for your favorite procedures.

Our process is simple:

  1. Choose your top 5 procedures
  2. We’ll handle the rest.


If you would like to see why your website is not ranking or what needs to be done to get your website to first first page of Google, click the button below to request a free and in-depth report on where your website is ranking and what needs to be done in relation to SEO.
Google Adwords and Pay-Per-Click
Google Adwords is a Pay-Per-Click advertising platform that can be very beneficial to plastic surgeons if managed properly. Should you be using it? Yes. It greatly complements a good SEO strategy, and the click prices aren’t too expensive for a private practice plastic surgeon turn a great profit. My team has produced nothing but good results from Adwords for plastic surgeons, but it has to be managed properly. When Adwords is managed properly, it can be optimized properly. In turn, Google rewards the advertiser, and we normally see these exact results in this order:
  1. Conversion Rates Increase
  2. Number of Leads Increase
  3. Adspend Decrease
  4. CPA – Cost Per Acquisition (Cost to acquire a lead) Decrease


Optimizing Conversions: Conversion Rates Increased 2.04% to 7.83%


Leads Increased From 6 Leads/Mo to 17 Leads/Mo


$675/Mo to $581/Mo: Adspend Decreased


CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) Decreased from $90.35 to $34.22

Curious if we can get your practice the same results? Click the button below to see this case study.
Social Media Management
There are tons of social media platforms out there. The issue with plastic surgeons is they don’t have time to manage all of them and do their job. Even more so, it’s just a pain to know what to post, where, and when. So why even manage and post on social media? We use it to reinforce your brand and your top procedures. We also use it for social signals which can help get traffic to your website. This can help with search engine rankings, advertise a new procedure, tell your fans about the latest procedures you perform, or even offer discounts to get patients in the door. Let our team of medical writers, graphic designers, and social media experts keep your social accounts engaged and up to date with your practice.
  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Google +
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
You know, or at least you’ve been told that you need to be producing content and posting to Social Media. Contact us here to see how we can handle your social media by producing relevant content for your practice and audience.
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Position Results was founded by Josiah Lipsmeyer with one thing in mind. Medical professionals need a reliable digital marketing team on their side. They need a team that has the capabilities to work on an industry scale, without sacrificing top notch service. We’ve noticed that too many medical professionals are settling for large medical digital marketing agencies who simple can’t allocate the right amount of time needed to grow their business. In turn, the practitioner is left in the dark and usually under an iron clad contract that is generally fluff. They need a team that is 100% dedicated to their practice growing and thriving at it’s full potential. This is us. We’re as dedicated as a full time employee with the abilities of massive agencies. Our #1 goal is your success.
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