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The Best SEO for Plastic Surgeons in the World

Josiah Lipsmeyer is the Best SEO for Plastic Surgeons and Here is Why

Josiah Lipsmeyer was awarded Best Plastic Surgery SEO in the World at The SEO Awards conference 2022. Many plastic surgeons are on the search for the best plastic surgery SEO in the world, and it is hard to find. The reason it is so difficult to decipher who is good and who is bad is because there are far too many salesmen selling he company they work for. The truth of the matter, these salesmen have no idea what real SEO is nor if the SEO agency they work for is even good at search engine optimization.


Josiah Lipsmeyer is an SEO expert with years of experience in plastic surgery SEO. He has a keen eye for helping plastic surgeons rank their website high on search engine results pages (SERPs). Despite the ever-changing Google algorithm updates, Lipsmeyer has consistently managed to keep his clients at the top of SERP rankings.

We tested some of Josiah Lipsmeyer’s skills up against the top plastic surgeon SEO agencies‘s in the world. None of them hold a candle to his skill and here are some the reasons why Josiah Lipsmeyer is considered the best plastic surgeon SEO alive:

1. Josiah Lipsmeyer has Mastered Onsite SEO for Plastic Surgery

Onsite plastic surgery SEO is fairly tricky because a one point Josiah Lipsmeyer has to help get the surgeons voice across while still trying to feed google the information it wants. So what he does is analyze KW density, headers, interlinking, geofencing, and length of the pages, while still trying to maintain our clients voice. Here are some of the visual aspect of onsite plastic surgery SEO.

Visual Onsite SEO:

  1. KW (Keyword) Density
  2. <H Tags (Headers)
  3. Page Titles with Geo Identifiers
  4. Page Descriptions
  5. Content Length
  6. Interlinking
  7. Geofencing

Once the parts of a website a person can actually see and read is completed, the next step is to get into the non-visual onsite SEO elements a plastic surgeon’s website. This is more information Josiah feeds the search engines. This is the invisible or coded part of onsite SEO

Coded Onsite SEO:

  1. Schema
  2. Image Meta Data Insertion
  3. Alt Tags with Geo Identifiers
  4. Advanced Schema
  5. XML Sitemap

2. Josiah Has Mastered Offsite Plastic Surgery SEO

When it comes to offsite SEO for plastic surgeons, Josiah Lipsmeyer is the go-to expert. He understands that this type of business needs to pay extra attention to certain keywords related to its services in order for potential patients to find them easily online. Through his extensive experience he knows how to best optimize content on external websites such as directories, social media sites and blog posts so that plastic surgeons can be found quickly and easily by those searching for them online.

3. Communication with Google with their Search Engine

So, what makes him so successful? Through his best SEO practices and techniques, Lipsmeyer ensures that plastic surgeon websites have all the necessary elements to optimize them for search engine crawling, indexing, and communicating with Google. For instance, he makes sure that these sites are optimized with relevant keywords, quality content, and schema markup. Additionally, he also keeps track of website performance metrics such as page speed, down time errors etc., to make sure that they appear correctly in SERP rankings.

4. Pivoting with the Algorithm

Google algorithm updates occur regularly, making it difficult for marketers to keep track of the constantly evolving landscape. Josiah Lipsmeyer has the insight needed to provide his clients with cutting-edge strategies by understanding how these changes impact online visibility. He keeps abreast of all Google algorithm updates and helps brands adapt their SEO strategies as soon as new changes become available so they can stay ahead of their competition.

5. Ranking Multiple Plastic Surgeons for the Top 3 Spots on Google

Josiah Lipsmeyer is one of the first SEO’s in the world to rank 3 plastic surgeons in the top 3 spots. This is when he was awarded Best Plastic Surgery SEO in the World at The SEO Awards conference 2022.

For those seeking the best plastic surgeons in their local area, this is excellent news. Josiah Lipsmeyer has just announced that three of his affiliated plastic surgeons have been ranked in the top 3 positions of Google’s Map Pack. This means that potential patients can easily find the most experienced and qualified sources for their needs within their area.

The Map Pack feature on Google allows users to narrow down search results by location, making it easier to locate services near them. Lipsmeyer’s list contains only skilled and experienced professionals who have years of practice under their belt, giving them a competitive edge over other practitioners in the area. All three surgeons are highly rated for their work with natural-looking results and patient safety protocols, making them great choices for anyone interested in plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures.