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Performance & ROI Case Study

Studio 3 Marketing Review

We’re glad you found our 2021 case study of Studio 3 Marketing. As one company owner to another, we assume you are here because you’re looking to make big changes for your practice this year or trying to decide if Studio 3 is the right choice for your practice. We hope this case study of Studio III Marketing will help inform you on your journey.

The Mission

This mission of this case study is to help guide plastic surgeons to make an informed decision based on facts, instead of good sales techniques. In this case study we compare:

March 31 2021 – April 30 (31 Days with Position Results) 


May 1 2021 – May 31 2021 (31 Days with Studio 3 Marketing)

Information Sources

To help remain unbiased as possible, the monthly traffic data was aquired through Google Analytics. Keyword information was aquired through AHREFS – a  3rd party tool used to analyze keyword data.


Website Traffic: Google Analytics

Keywords: AHREFS

Side Information


  • Studio 3’s salesmen have made many claims when going against other firms
  • This case study is to shine unbiased information on Studio 3’s claims
  • Plastic Surgeons may make informed decisions based on factual data.
  • Google Analytics data was derived from this specific surgeon’s Google Analytics account and should be considered hard, unaltered data. Not opinion.

Studio III Marketing Performance in 31 Days (May 1 – May 31)

Studio 3 Performance

Since leaving Positon Results for Studio 3, here are Studio 3’s results for this Houston plastic surgeon

Source: Google Analytics


18.41% Loss in Website Visitors

-254 Less Website Visitors

Position Results: 1380 Visitors
Studio 3: 1126 Visitors


21.52% Loss in New Users

-298 Less New Website Visitors

Position Results: 1343 New Visitors
Studio 3: 1054 New Visitors


23.08% Keywords Lost

-300 Keywords Lost

Position Results: 1300
Studio 3: 1000

Studio III Marketing VS Position Results Google Analytics

Studio 3 Proof of Performance

Back to Back Performance comparing Studio 3 (May 1 – May 31) VS Position Results (March 31  – April 30). Each Company has 31 Days of Comparison. Here is the screenshot of this surgeons performance within 31 days of Studio 3 taking over their marketing.

Source: Google Analytics


Studio 3 is Bad at SEO

Photo Disclaimer: This Google Analytics screenshot in ultaltered (it has NOT been altered/photoshopped). It has been reduced in size only to increase website load speed. 

Abstract: $1,476,000.00 Net Profit Loss with Studio 3

Breakdown ROI Numbers

This particular client has a loss of 15 Qualified Leads/per month. We know every conversion does not become a patient. We also know that surgeons don’t typically close at 100%, but lets be hypothetical for the sake of making a point :

  • A Studio 3 Website is roughly $15K- $20k (last time we checked)
  • We believe their SEO is around $2,000 – $3,000 per month
  • Surgeon misses out on the average of 15 surgeries per month at $8,000 per surgery = $120,000 Net Profit Loss
  • $120,000 + $3,000/mo SEO + $20,000 Website
  • $143,000 Net Profit Loss in 1 Month

Most companies require a 1 year contract term on SEO. The estimated loss the surgeon will have upon hiring Studio 3 vs Position Results for a 1 year term:

  • $1,440,000.00 Net Profit Loss/yr – Surgeries
  • $36,000/yr – SEO
  • $1,476,000.00 Total Net Profit Loss/Per Year with Studio 3 Marketing (website build excluded)



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