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In over a year of development, Mark Zuckerberg decided to expand the “Like” button on the world’s biggest social media site, Facebook. You will no longer have to “Like” a comment in order to show a reaction to a friends post. You can “laugh” “love”, show “excitement”, or even “anger”. Many have been long waiting for the “dislike” button to be released; however it is a no-go at the moment. Facebook representatives explained this change to the Like button. “Everyone’s had one of these posts in News Feed where they’re like, ‘I want to respond in some way, but ‘like’ doesn’t feel appropriate at all.’”


“When someone has a death in the family, is going through a hard time, or anything else, sometimes you want to show support, but you don’t have the proper words for a comment at the time.” Owner of Digital Marketing Agency – PositionResults.com explains. “We love this idea. It’s already been tested in Ireland and Spain and now it’s finally made it’s way to the US! No more “liking” comments that I just want to show sympathy!”


Facebook knows these new reactions can get out of hand and may also be misused. They say they will be keeping a watchful eye of how well it pans out in the US. It’s hard to say what the effects will be on the paid marketing side of Facebook. We believe it will eventually be an “option” to allow it on your posts or not.


To take advantage of this new feature – simply hover over the like button on your desktop and the emoticons will show up!