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$1,080,000 Possible LOSS – Case Study

Studio 3 Marketing Review/Case Study

We’re glad you found another review of Studio 3 Marketing. We assume you are here because you’re looking to make big changes for your practice this year or trying to decide if Studio 3 is the right choice for your practice. We hope this new/review case study of Studio III Marketing will help inform you on your journey. For the lazy reader, we calculated a $1,080,000.00 (per year) profit loss after Studio 3 took over SEO. Read on to find the proof and data that calculate this number.

The Mission

  • Help plastic surgeons not be tricked or decieved with “SEO punch phrases” used by innexperienced SEO’s (Search Engine Optimizers) or Salesmen.
  • Inform plastic surgeons that they need to heavily vet any consultant they may hire. While some can be great, others in this case, can be detrimental to your practice.

April 28 2021 – May  28 (31 Days with Position Results)


May 29 2021 – June 28 2021 (31 Days with Studio 3 Marketing)

Information Sources

To help remain unbiased as possible, the monthly traffic data was aquired through Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google My Business (GMB).


Website Traffic: Google Analytics

Website Traffic Source 2: Google Search Console

Website Traffic Source 3: Google My Business

Side Information


  • The client hired a “Consultant” who who we expect gets kickbacks from Studio 3 for referalls. (Double dipping)
  • Studio 3’s words to get the client(copy and pasted): “They recommended that based on how my website was done (Apparently it was pieced together or something. Sorry wording i couldnt understand) that the website should be rebuilt to optimize the campaigns and seo efforts.”
  • Upon Studio 3’s website rebuild and choice of content, the non-board certified plastic surgeon is now exposed to board certification issues with the American Society of Plastic Surgery and photoshopping images on his website.

Studio III Marketing Performance in 31 Days (June 1 – July 1)

Studio 3 Performance

Since leaving Positon Results for Studio 3, here are Studio 3’s results for this plastic surgeon in Houston, TX.

Source: Google Analytics


-22.69% Loss in Website Visitors

-130 Less Website Visitors

Position Results: 573 Visitors
Studio 3: 443 Visitors


22.39% Loss in New Users

-118 Less New Website Visitors

Position Results: 528 New Visitors
Studio 3: 410 New Visitors


-17.14% Loss in Page Sessions

-139 Page Sessions

Position Results: 811
Studio 3: 672

Studio III Marketing VS Position Results Google Analytics

Studio 3 Proof of Performance

Each company has 31 Days of Comparison.

Back to Back Performance comparing Position Results April 28 2021 – May  28 (31 Days with Position Results)

May 29 2021 – June 28 2021 (31 Days with Studio 3 Marketing).  May 29 is the first full day with Studio 3’s rebuilt website, to which they claim to be better for SEO. Here is the screenshot of this surgeons performance within 31 days of Studio 3 Marketing rebuilding their website.

Source: Google Analytics


Studio 3 Marketing Review

Photo Disclaimer: This Google Analytics screenshot in ultaltered (it has NOT been altered/photoshopped). It has been reduced in size only to increase website load speed. 

Photo Info: Screenshot from this Houston plastic surgeons Google My Business profile roughly 28 days after studio 3 marketing took over their SEO and Website. -60 decline in GMB Search Views. -63 Decline in GMB Maps Views.

Source: Google My Business

Photo Info: Screenshot from this Houston plastic surgeons Google My Business profile with a 1 Quarter View. View drop off in June – July traffic after Studio 3 Marketing launched their Website and took over SEO.

Source: Google My Business

Abstract: $1,080,000.00 Net Profit Loss with Studio 3

Breakdown ROI Numbers

While with Position Results through March 1 – April 30 this particular client has 155 conversions(possible leads). The Position Results website is converting at 6.40%:

  • A Studio 3 Website is roughly $15K- $20k (last time we checked)
  • SEO is usually around $2,000 – $3,000 per month
  • The website went from 573 website visitors to 443 = 130 Loss in Visitors.
  • 130 Vistors Converting at 6.40 = 8.32  Less leads per month.
  • Surgeon misses out on the average of 8 surgeries per month at $8,000 per surgery = $64,000 Net Profit Loss
  • $64,000 + $3,000/mo SEO + $20,000 Website
  • $87,000 Net Profit Loss in 1 Month

Most companies require a 1 year contract term on SEO. The estimated loss the surgeon will have upon hiring Studio 3 vs Position Results for a 1 year term:

  • $1,044,000.00 Net Profit Loss/yr – Surgeries
  • $36,000/yr – SEO
  • $1,080,000.00 Total Net Profit Loss/Per Year with Studio 3 Marketing (website build excluded)



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